Download Media Folder from Magento Cloud to Local

After you cloned and set up the Magento commerce cloud project to your local system, you cannot see the media folder. You have to run a separate command to download the media folder and other assets of your cloud project.

Command to Download the Media Folder From Magento Cloud to Localhost.

magento-cloud mount:download

Below are detailed steps to download the media folder from the Adobe commerce cloud server to local.
Step 1: Open the CMD terminal of your local system.
Step 2: Run below command.
magento-cloud mount:download

Step 3: Above command ask you to choose your project first and then the environment of your project.
Step 4: Then it asks you to choose which folder you want to download from below. It looks like below.
Enter a number to choose a mount to download from:
[0] app/etc
[1] pub/static
[2] var
[3] pub/media
[4] All mounts

Step 5: We want to download the media folder only so we will select 3
Step 6: Then it asks to enter the target directory.
NOTE: The target directory must be the specific path of your local system.

Step 7: After you enter the target directory and hit enter you can see the media folder will start downloading. and you are all set!