How to get auth.json keys in Adobe Commerce Cloud

When you cloned the Adobe Commerce Cloud project to your local system it does not contain the auth.json file with the public and private of These keys of Magento are required to validate your Adobe Commerce Cloud version and use it to install/upgrade Commerce Cloud native modules.

But the problem is how to get this key for your Adobe Commerce Cloud website. The answer is you can get auth.json magento keys from your Adobe Cloud project dashboard.

How to get Magento keys for auth.json for Adobe Commerce Cloud

These keys are inserted into the Adobe Commerce Cloud dashboard or Cloud Console under “environment variable“.

To access environment variables, click on a specific environment, for example, production, then click on settings and access environment variables.

Here you can see the auth.json public and private keys of Magento. You can copy this key and create the auth.json file in your local instance and you are good to go!