How to Assign New Customers to Specific Customer Group

Magento provides the feature to automatically assign new customers to any specific customer group, this feature will help Magento merchants when they want to assign a new customer to any specific customer group.

Customer groups help to set discounts and the tax class based on the group. There are 4 default groups are there in native Magento 2. Not Logged In, General, Wholesale, and Retailer. You can add more customer groups as and when needed from the Magento Admin > CUSTOMERS > Customer Groups

Magento 2 customer groups

How to assign the customer to a specific group in Magento 2

Let’s discuss how to assign the customer to any specific group after successfully registration is done. For that go to Magento admin > STORES > Configuration > CUSTOMERS > Customer Configuration > Create New Account Options

From here select a group from the “Default Group” select field. You can review the following screenshot for more detail.

Set Default Customer Group Magento 2