Excel Formula Not Working Unless Double Click Cell

Sometimes you may face issues like any formula of excel does not work until you double on each cell. This is a very command issue and I also faced this while working on one of the websites. When excel has too much data then it’s not possible to click each cell one by one to fix the formula issue. We found one solution to mass click each cell of excel to fix the formula issue in the excel or CSV file.

Below are the steps to apply the formula in excel without double click on each cell.

Step 1: Copy each row of your excel to the OpenOffice

Step 2: Then save that OpenOffice File.

Step 3: Then reopen the OpenOffice file and copy each row back to excel or CSV from OpenOffice.

Step 4: Now you can see that all the cells are already double clicked by default. Now you can apply your formula and it should work without any issue.