Magento 2 The Update With the ID doesn’t Exist. Verify the ID and Try Again

The error message updated with the ID doesn’t exist when saving products from the admin side occurs when content staging is enabled in your Adobe Commerce or Magento 2 commerce cloud website.

Content Staging adds the row ID to each basic table and if that issue occurs then the ROW ID is missing.

How to fix the update with the ID doesn’t exist error in Adobe Commerce

Below are the steps on how you can fix this issue by making some changes in the database table

Step 1: Run the query below to find the entity_id for the ID you receive in the error message.

SELECT * FROM staging_update where id = 16577644677;

Once you get the entity_id from the above query, you can set the created_in to 1 for that entity_id using below query to fix this issue.

UPDATE catalog_product_entity SET created_in = 1 WHERE entity_id = <id_get_from_above_query>

Once you run above query the issue will be fixed and you can now save the product from the Magento 2 admin