Magento 2 Your Current Search Engine ‘MYSQL’ is Not Supported

You may face error like, your current search engine ‘MYSQL’ is not supported in Magento 2 during running any CMD commands, or when you are trying to upgrade Magento to 2.4.x from 2.3.x or lower version.

This error is due to the value you have selected in the “catalog search engine” is not supported by your current Magento version.

Possible 2 reasons for this issue, either “MySQL” is selected as “Search Engine” or old version of Elasticsearch is selected in “Search Engine”

If your Magento version is 2.4.x then select Elasticsearch as “Search Engine” value and this issue should be solved.

Steps to change Catalog Search Engine type in Magento 2
Step 1: Go to Magento 2 Admin > STORES > Configuration > CATALOG > Catalog
Step 2: Navigate to the “Catalog Search” tab.
Step 3: Select the latest version of Elasticsearch to the “Search Engine” field and save it.

Magento 2 Search Engine
Catalog Search Engine in Magento 2

That’s it. Clear magento caches and check by running CMD commands and you can see issue will be solved 🙂